ShipHero Code of Conduct

Search First

Whenever possible, search first. As the community is new, we have yet to build up a library, however, someone may have asked your question already, so try a search just incase :slight_smile:

Stay on Topic

Avoid posting in unrelated threads. If you need help make a new topic providing as much detail as possible so the community can assist instead of replying in an older thread.

Posting in older topics, aka Necroposting

Instead of bumping a topic that’s old and hasn’t received any updates in a while consider making a new topic and referencing the older topic within. Repeatedly posting in older topics without value may result in a temporarily ban.

Spam including Private Message spam

Your post should be submitted once in the most relevant discussion board. Do not submit the same post in several discussion boards as others will see this as spam.

Do not spam other community members via private message as well. Sending the unsolicited messages to multiple users is considered spam and may result in a temporary ban or access being revoked.

Promotional Posts & Contact Me Replies

Be mindful when creating new topics to promote a service you are offering as most will see these type of messages as spam. Consider using your signature instead which should be a concise message and can be set within your Profile. To setup a signature click on your avatar in the top right corner followed by My Settings and finally Personal .

Be mindful of replying with a simple ‘I can help, contact me here’ type of post as other community members will report these as spam. To prevent this add more value to your reply such as how you might be able to help them instead of a simple ‘email me’ only post. Posting the same contact me message in multiple threads may result in your messages being removed as well as temporary ban.

Report Abusive, Harassing of Spam Content

If you spot abuse, harassment or content that could be consider spam let our community team know so we can remove it as well as take action of the account if needed.

To report inappropriate content simply click on the three dots that appear to the top right of any post followed by Report Inappropriate Content .

Gaming the System

Do not abuse likes, solutions or ranking features found within the community such as creating multiple accounts and/or colluding with others on likes/solutions.

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