Shipment/Shipments API Query Only Returns ONE of 2 Labels

We’re dealing with an issue where we’ve identified a shipment/order that has 2 labels associated, yet the API is only returning 1 of the labels, which has been voided. The non-voided label that was used is not being returned at all by the API, either from our normal shipments query, where we use date_from and date_to, or if you query the shipment by ID (the request for this one is below).

This is very concerning as we don’t know what else could be affected without more research, which we will now have to do.

Request ID: 664941ace8a7351b3f2ec57e
Screenshot 2024-05-18 at 7.06.37 PM

Hi @barrettshepherd! The query you are using is working as expected. The query shipment returns a single shipment by its id. If you require all the shipments an order had, you can use the shipments query using the order_id as the argument you pass. That should return both shipments in your case.

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Hi Tomas,

Apologies - I should’ve been more clear in my initial post. The second label isn’t returned at all when we run a query for shipments for the date is was created. I’ll try with the order id but it’s concerning that all shipments/labels wouldn’t be included in a shipments query.

Hello @barrettshepherd! Can you share a request ID running that query? The one you shared previously is for a shipment query, using a specific shipment_id, which will only return a single result.

I was able to retrieve both shipments for that order using date filters in the shipments query:

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