Shipments complete field list

I cannot find in your documents the entire list of fields available from your API.

When I pull the shipments list in an Excel spreadsheet from the web portal, I get a list of fields that I cannot seem to find in the graphql.

Where can I find a complete list of the fields available in the Shipments table?

Hello @jfalk-APL!
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If you use a GraphQL client like Altair, you will access the whole schema.

In the schema, you can see every available call plus or the available fields in each of them.

What are you looking for? shipment query o shipment_create mutation?

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I am trying to get the same fields that a user can get when they pull the email of shipments report from the shipments portal. My goal is to automate that pull rather than having to go manually grab the report,.

Hello @jfalk-APL!

There is no way to pull that same report from the public-API at the moment.

You need to either

  1. Use the shipments mutation and paginate through them. You can filter using date_from and date_to.
  shipments(date_from:"ISODateTime" date_to:"ISODateTime"){
  1. Use the Shipment Update webhook to get each shipment in real-time as they get created: Webhooks – Developer Resources | ShipHero

Have a great day!