Switch Warehouse

Is there a way for the user to switch warehouse without going changing the following under
Users>Account>Default Warehouse or
Users>Account>Allocated Warehouses

In the scheme there is the following types:

with AccountConnection having the warehouse field.

After playing around I noticed that you guys use the following mutation in the settings page

mutation UpdateUser($data: UpdateUserInput!) {
  update_user(data: $data) {
    user {

  "data": {
    "account_id": ...,
    "user_id": ...,
    "first_name": "XXX",
    "last_name": "XXX",
    "email": "XXX",
    "activated": true,
    "station_id": XXX,
    "default_order_status": "XXX",
    "warehouse_id": XXX,
    "warehouse": "XXX",
    "show_product_bin": true,
    "show_product_sku": true,
    "tote_qa": true,
    "allowed_warehouses": [
    "stores": [
    "enable_voice_picking": false,
    "voice_picking_language": "en-US",
    "voice_picking_speed": "0.4",
    "single_item_batch_pick_rows": "",
    "default_pick_order_tag": "",
    "customers": [
    "hourly_rate": null,
    "payroll_id": "",
    "position": "XXX",
    "default_language": "en-US"

However, UpdateUser is not in the scheme page

Which brings it down to either the scheme page is not up to date (highly unlikely) or the scheme is not available to be used.

Is there another way of accessing this?

I noticed that there is a switch user URL parameter: https://app.shiphero.com/dashboard/users/switch_to_customer/73723

and was wondering if there was anything similar such as

Hello Tan! Effectively, those mutations are not available in the API, to change the user’s warehouse you need to do it from the UI. Have a nice day!

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oh man that stinks @tomasfd,
Looks like chromium bot is the only way haha

Thanks for the quick response

FYI somehow my post got duplicated, feel free to delete one of them.

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