Test Credentials

How do I get test credentials so that we can upgrade to the new GraphQL api?

Hi @bkonnektive!
You can create a Developer user, we have a video explaining how here

It will be performing Queries & Mutations in your current account though, not sure what you mean with test credentials
Let me know if that doesn’t help,
Thanks in advance!

We are a CRM platform so we do not have credentials. We are building the integration for our clients. How do we get test credentials? If we cannot obtain these, our clients using your platform will not be able to use your service.

I apologize for the misunderstanding. What I meant to say is that we don’t have a testing environment that you could access using test credentials, but you could request an account for testing purposes (
this test account wont have any products or data related to your customer account, as it would be a completely different account)

Thank you Tom. Can you please direct me on how to acquire a test account?

sure, could you email me at twingord@shiphero.com?