Sandbox/Test Environment for API Integration

Is there a sandbox/Test Environment API endpoint we can use to test our API integration before going live?

For example, if we create a PO with the API, can it automatically populate the inventory in the test environment to mimic that a fake Shipment was delivered to the warehouse?

Yes, we can set one up for you. What app or client are you working with? You’ll have access to the UI as well with the sandbox account.

We use Elixir with the phoenix framework for our app. We are using the following graphql client to hit the API:

That’s great news about the sandbox account. What are the next steps to get one set up?

Any next steps I can take to get the sandbox account setup?

If you haven’t already, I recommend reaching out to the support team to see if they can get that set up for you.

Hope this is helpful!

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