Un able to get Shipped by name for an order

Hello Team,
i faced an issue while running query to get packer data for an order , response is empty even if on shiphero dashboard we notice the name of the shipped by man. and this request is working normally for all other orders , why this problem occurred specially with this order ?


{packs_per_day (order_id:“T3JkZXI6NDM4MzkyMDY3”){request_id complexity data(first: 1) { edges { node { id user_id user_first_name user_last_name order_number order_id } } } }}


Hey @ahmadMamdouh, if you check that order’s history, you will see that the order was set as fulfilled and not shipped through the shipping platform. It was a status change; it did not go through the pick/pack process. The former is what would make it appear in that query.
Have a great day!