Unable To Delete particular Products

Hi ShipHero Community,

By mistake we sent some products without the account_id. We are trying to delete them, but we haven’t been able with the GraphQL API, nor by the dashboard UI.

product_delete mutation
mutation {
data: {
sku: “GCD-B0022-L”
) {

product_delete response
“errors”: [
“message”: “Not product with sku GCD-B0022-L exists”,
“operation”: “product_delete”,
“field”: “product_delete”,
“request_id”: “6274101787e7566f1e04b963”,
“code”: 5
“data”: {
“product_delete”: null

The Dashboard doesn’t show the delete button:


Hello @jrico!

I can’t find those products as not associated with a child account, and They belong to ACC 66234. I did, however, find some more, like c20 and c10, that have this apparent issue. What you are experiencing is the products belong to a child account but exist in a warehouse with which that child account is not associated.

EG: c20 with -20 stock is associated with the Primary WH. It belongs to acc 66575, but that ACC is not associated with that WH.

Have a nice day,

Thanks Thomas! that was helpful.
That was it, the products warehouse wasn’t related to the 3PL costumer.
We already contacted the support team and they helped us delete those products, but it will be helpful to know that in case that happens again.


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