Update tags in order

When using the order_update mutation, and adding a new tag, the UI shows that all the old tags were deleted and added as new tags. Is there any way to add a new tag, without removing the old tags and without the UI showing that the old tags were removed and added again?

I noticed that the in orders query the tags are in one string split by a comma, but in the individual order query the tag is separated correctly in an array.
If this were to be fixed, it would cause a bug in the code i had already written, but this was pretty confusing.

Hello @mendyw,

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to our Developer Community!

The order_add_tags mutation will achieve the functionality you’re looking for:

mutation {
  order_add_tags(data: { order_id: "408498438", tags: ["test5"] }) {
    order {

I don’t believe that’s a bug, but I will ask the team why the tags are returned differently between the order and orders query.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.