Updating PO with additional or less units

We have an ERP that we are trying to integrate with ShipHero to pass Purchase Orders. The goal is to take any PO’s created within the ERP and push them into ShipHero using the purchase_order_creaste. We will have times in which the original PO that was created needs to be modified and was wondering if using purchase_order_update mutation, is it possible to perform the following:

  1. Add or reduce units of a SKU already on the PO
  2. Add or remove new SKU’s not already on the PO
  3. Add a Packer Note to the PO

Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi @TBaxter
Thanks for reaching out!

This is currently possible

Not possible currently, but we have open tickets for our engineers to add this

This is currently possible

Let me know if you would like for us to provide some examples of the above.
Thanks in advance!