Webhook for order status update


I need to know when the order status changes. Is there any option to register webhook for order status changes?

Also, Do we have the order status as Packed?

Please let me know.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Venkatesh
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We don’t have an order update webhook, the ones we have should be listed at https://developer.shiphero.com/webhooks/
There is a webhook named Shipment Update which will trigger each time an order gets fulfilled/shipped and that might be useful to you depending on the flow you are using

Will this Packed status mean that the order was completed? In that case, it is named fulfilled in ShipHero.
Or is it Packed a custom status that doesn’t mean it has been fulfilled?

Thanks in advance!


I am able to see the Shipment update webhook in the Shiphero document. To register for the webhook event where I need to send my URL construction. So, that I can use it whenever the order gets shipped. And I need to know whether do you have any webhook once the order is fulfilled.

Hi @Venkatesh!
You will need to register by using a webhook create mutation

Something like this:

mutation {
  webhook_create(data: { 
    name: "PO Update", 
    url: "https://someValidURL.com/webhook" 
  }) {
    webhook {

(With your own URL)

This one will trigger when the order is fulfilled :+1:

Let me know if I got that part wrong or there is anything else I could help with.
Thanks again!