Trigger PO Update webhook when a new PO is created

Hi ShipHero,

We are testing the webhook for the PO Update and found out that this webhook is also available when a new PO is created. However, we have noticed that this webhook only triggers if a PO is created via API and it doesn’t trigger if I create a PO directly on the ShipHero dashboard. I would to clarify on this if this is the intended behaviour on this webhook?

Looking forward for your response.

Thank you!

CC: @Edwin

Hello @altair!
You should be getting an HTTP Request to your endpoint either way. I just ran a few tests to see if something was not working on our end, but it looks OK.
I checked the account registered under your email, and it has no webhook for me to review. Can you share with me, privately, if you prefer, which account this is happening on?
Have a nice day!

Hi @tomasfd ,

I have tested it out again the PO Update webhook by Create a new PO directly on ShipHero and now it worked. But, there are still some strange behaviours we have noticed as some PO’s that i created with different customers from ShipHero doesn’t trigger the webhook.

Here is our webhook that we register:

Here are the purchase order ID’s that i’ve created directly from ShipHero

  • 911428 (webhook PO update triggers)
  • 911498 (webhook PO update didn’t trigger)
  • 911497 (webhook PO update didn’t trigger, this customer is linked to a shopify store)

Thank you!