Webhooks on the GraphQL API

Good news!!

We have released a way to Register & Un-Register to webhooks using the GraphQL Public API.
Until now, the only way to do this was by using the Rest API, but we just added:

  • webhooks Query (which will allow you to check all the webhooks you are subscribed to)
  • webhook_create Mutation (which will allow you to register a new webhook)
  • webhook_delete Mutation (which will allow you to delete an existing webhook)

More info and examples at https://developer.shiphero.com/webhooks

NOTE: This change is part of the Rest API deprecation, but our old endpoints to register/unregister webhooks via Rest API are still available until the Rest API is deprecated.
After the Rest API gets deprecated webhooks will continue to work as they have been working, only registering new webhooks and removing them will change, and if you already have registered webhooks they will remain as they are now.