Webhooks on the new API

Hi guys.

are webhooks/GraphQL Subscriptions implemented on the new API? How do we use them? If not, are there any plans for the implementation?


@darius How are you doing?
We are working on a new version of webhooks and we’ll let you guys know when that is ready.
It is not going to be implemented as GraphQL Subscriptions since that is more suitable for real-time apps, but if we find there’s a real demand for this kind of real-time updates for some parts of the app we’ll definitely consider incorporating that as well.



Just to double check, the current webhook API will be deprecated along with the REST API and replaced by this new version you mentioned, is that correct @seba?
When can we expect this new webhook API to be live?

@Ant we are working on a new version of webhooks, that will eventually deprecate the current ones. There’s not ETA yet, but will notify everyone when that is available, we’ll make sure existing webhooks keep working as expected though.

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As legacy webhooks are getting deprecated, I don’t see a point in creating a subscription at this time but I do want the ability to update the status of an order in my system when it is fulfilled in ShipHero. It doesn’t need to be real-time. I was thinking about issuing a query something like this:

query {
orders (fulfillment_status: “fulfilled”){
data(first: 20 sort: “-order_number”) {
edges {
node {

This should return the last 20 orders that were fullfilled. I can issue this maybe once per hour or so and update any orders in my system that have not been updated yet. What do you think? Is there a better way?

@albrana subscriptions to webhooks will continue to work. We’re making some changes to how we serve them, but you should go ahead and use them if that’s what suits your application.

How to validate X-Shiphero-HMAC-SHA256 on webhooks which were set up with webhook_create GraphQL mutation?

Hi @Maks
We currently don’t display the Secret, so I already logged a Feature Request for this to be added.
It should work the same way as with the Rest API, but at the moment the Secret is not being exposed.
I will let you know as soon as I get a response about this.