What is "partner_line_item_id"


Could you please let me know what is partner_line_item_id .
I tried to create an order I guess it is a must supplied field in line_items of order.

For example: here is one of my line items of an order.
sku: "Keyboard001"
partner_line_item_id: "Keyboard001

The order created successfully with the above information, when I tried to create order again with the same line item information,
I am getting the following error
“errors”: [
"message": “partner_line_item_id Keyboard001 already exist”,
“operation”: “order_create”,
“field”: “order_create”,
“request_id”: “5f576aed6f8e3aa840eb9c0a”,
“code”: 9

Hi @khungersumit!
The partner_line_item_id: is a unique identifier that you have to assign to line items when creating an order. It has to be unique across all of the line items from all the orders.
It works as an identifier for all of the line items on the account, so it cannot be repeated
Please let me know if that doesn’t help answer the question or I could explain better
Thanks in advance!

Hi @tomasw

It means If I have 100 orders and each order has 2 line item then I will have to make/supply 200 unique partner_line_item_id in each line item.

Can we also provide the “productId” or “variantId” OR that is our choice, but it has to be unique across all line items of all orders.

That is correct!
I see that some users set it to be something like order_id+item_id or some combination that then they are able to find a purpose for it.
But it has to be unique across all line items of all orders.