Partner_line_item_id and Orders being deleted (or overwritten)

I just started adding some test orders through the GraphQL API. I was using identical information on each test but changed the OrderNumber field. After the first order went in, it showed up in the list. I changed the order id and created another order through the API and when I refreshed the page, my old order was gone and only the new one was there. I did this several times until I changed one value: “partner_line_item_id” on the line item. When I changed that to something else and sent the order_create request, I would then get a new order.

Is this the desired behavior?

Hi @fairweather
Yes, that is the desired behavior.
The partner_line_item_id has to be unique across all of the line items. It works as an identifier for all of the line items on the account.
If you repeat the partner_line_item_id it will overwrite the previous one.
Let me know if that doesn’t help.