' instead of apostrophe in product name

We have an issue when query product name for some products. GraphQL API returns string &#039 instead of apostrophe, but in ShipHero product titles look good. Is this some issue with API? Example request_id is 61796e2791737bc254d1c04a.

Thank you

Hi @sb2020 , I have not seen this and in fact, I did a test and the apostrophe came through fine. I am just wondering if it is something that is in your product name exclusively. Your product does have the encoding in our database. What about updating the name in the UI? If need be I can see about updating it in the database. It appears in the API with the encoding most likely because that data is pulled directly from the database.

Is it possible to find out how string with “&#039” instead of apostrophe got to the database? Could it be an issue with products import from Shopify?

Hi @sb2020!
We believe there could be already a fix for this that our engineers made recently.
Is there any chance you can try and update the product name on the UI? (or with your permission and the name we can do that for you)

Screen Shot 2021-11-01 at 21.44.40

And then check again with the Query to see if it displays the proper name?

Thanks again for the patience!

Hi @tomasw,
Unfortunately I do not have access to the UI. Can you please fix it for me? And this is only one example our client reported, there can be others products with the same issue.

Thank you

Hi @sb2020 ,

I went in and edited it in the UI. If they find it again, it will be that easy to fix. Just go to the UI, click the pencil and edit the name