Api response error when generating label through API

Hi, we’re getting the following response when trying to generate and print label through the API:

I understand this method is only available at the legacy API, but this response is for the new API.

Should we somehow configure that this hits the old API?

Btw here’s the ID: 127992626
From what I’ve seen in the logs, the API is not sending the product name attribute. It’s actually sending the product name as the product description. This works on the legacy interface btw, but not at shipping.shiphero.com

Hi @Ricardo!
Thank you very much for the details of your post.

So this seems to be an error on this method

"shipping_carrier": “api”, “shipping_method”: "Impresion Coordinadora"

How this works is not actually through Public API, but, when trying to generate a label using that method, Instead of using one of the ShipHero supported carriers, we call thata URL you provide to get the label from your endpoint.
The endpoint you build must accept a JSON payload and return an image.

In this case it seems that the responses we are getting from that endpoint are like this:
{‘labels’: []}
Which has an empty label

Any chance the endpoint is not working as expected?
Thanks in advance!

Hi Tomas, in the following image you’ll see two responses from the shiphero API. The first one corresponds to a label generation requested through app. shiphero. com The second one, through shipping. shiphero. com.

What we’re seeing is that when requesting through shipping.shiphero.com the product_name attribute (among other attributes) is not present. That’s generating the error. What could be the reason causing those attributes not to be present?

Thanks for clarifying that @Ricardo !
Yes, I see what you mean. In our docs we also have the following fields that should be available:

      "line_items": [
          "tariff_code": "0",
          "price": "0.00",
          "customs_description": null,
          "customs_value": "0.00",
          "line_item_id": "225458557",
          "barcode_exists": "0",
          "partner_line_item_id": "MO114-265348960",
          "sku": "yellow-kit",
          "barcode_scanned": "0",
          "name": "Yellow Kit",
          "ignore_on_customs": false,
          "product_name": "Yellow Kit",
          "quantity": "2"
      "height": 10

I will create a ticket for this for our engineering team and will let you know as soon as I have an update.
Thanks again for your patience!

Thanks. When can we expect a reply from them?

Hi @tomasw , any updates from the engineering team? We really need this to migrate to shiphero.

Hi @Ricardo
I apologize for my late response to this.
I just expedited the request so it gets fixed soon. I don’t have an ETA yet, but I will let you know as soon as I have an update about it.
Thanks for your patience!