Order_add_line_items says product sku doesn't exist even though the sku is there

I am integrating the order_add_line_items api and this is the resquest I am sending is this -

order_id: ‘108961187’,
customer_account_id: ‘5471’,
line_items: [
partner_line_item_id: ‘shiphero-44sdfafdasdfa’,
product_name: ‘Brst4000’,
sku: ‘Brst4000’,
quantity: 1,
price: ‘123’,
fulfillment_status: ‘pending’

and the error I am getting it is -

Error: Product with sku Brst4000 does not exist: {“response”:{“errors”:[{“message”:“Product with sku Brst4000 does not exist”,“operation”:“order_add_line_items”,“field”:“order_add_line_items”,“request_id”:“5de981dbe7d72c7ddd486b0b”,“code”:5}],“data”:{“order_add_line_items”:null},“status”:200},“request”:{“query”:“mutation mutation_order_add_line_items($addLineItems : AddLineItemsInput!) { order_add_line_items( data : $addLineItems) { request_id complexity order{ id legacy_id order_number } } }”,“variables”:{“addLineItems”:{“order_id”:“108961187”,“customer_account_id”:“5471”,“line_items”:[{“partner_line_item_id”:“shiphero-44sdfafdasdfa”,“product_name”:“Brst4000”,“sku”:“Brst4000”,“quantity”:1,“price”:“123”,“fulfillment_status”:“pending”}]}}}}

when I search this product it is there in the inventory.

Hi @siddharth_singh
This should be resolved by now.
Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with.
Thanks for the patience!,

Thanks @tomasw this worked like a charm.

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I am currently having this issue, I had it working a day or two ago in Insomnia, but when I put it to code, it stopped working, both in the code and in Insomnia
I read somewhere that the request_ID number may help solve or look into the problem, so here it is:
“request_id”: “609025bc1a9c1fef99f0d76d”,