Automatically put all the incorrect address on hold

Can we put orders which fail address validation while shipping on address hold?

Hi @siddharth_singh !
We currently have a similar setting on the app. that says:

However, I made the request for Holds to be handled using the API.
I will let you know as soon as I have an update on this.

@tomasw This helped also can you tell me what does the automated action on address validation does.

Yes, absolutely!
That action will set the ignore_address_validation_errors flag ON, which means that it will ignore address validations for that specific order.

For example, you could create an automation rule that will trigger only if the Address 1 field is listed on a list called Valid Address, like this:

And this way even if its an invalid address this will ignore the validation.


  • you can create a list for automation rules here (on the right of your screen)
  • you could also choose other triggers or combine them, such as Shipping Name. This will depend on your specific needs