Webhooks for Address Holds?

We’re looking for a way to create a case in Salesforce if an Address Hold is placed on an order in ShipHero. Is this possible via webhooks or GraphQL API?

We can get holds via GraphQL if we know the order ID, but we’re looking for this to be a cron or webhook for automation.

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Hi @garrett !
We currently have an engineer assigned to add a mutation to our API to handle holds on orders.
I’ll ask on Monday to see it I can provide an ETA on this and let you know

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Amazing. Thank you @tomasw!

@tomasw Were you able to find an ETA on when mutations might support holds? Even just “near term” or “it’s gonna be a while” would be helpful for prioritizing on our end. Thanks!

Hi @david!
I apologize for the delay in my response. I was told by our engineers working on this that we are currently prioritizing other tasks. So I would say we are more in the “it’s gonna be a while” side.
I will let you know if there are any updates on this, and also will try to push for this to be worked as soon as possible.
Thanks again!

Has there been any update on this feature?

Hello @atlatin

As for the webhook, unfortunately, we don’t have one for order holds.

However, we have mutations to handle holds and queries to poll them.

Have a great day!

+1 on this feature request.

Webhook for any hold on and for any hold off.

Hey @hansdaigle,

Thanks for reaching out.
I’ll go ahead and pass on your feedback for this.


Bumping this, any solution for polling for holds? Best I’ve been able to find is using “ready to ship=0” in the order allocated webhook, but there’s no ability to limit it to specific holds (which some internal warehouse teams can control and others cannot). If the product team still needs convincing, then the use case is automating task management of orders that get stuck for any of the four hold types and making sure the right team only gets the held orders they can solve. We also looked at doing this using a shopify object but it doesn’t look like anything except fulfillment status (unfulfilled) is passed back to shopify.