Notifications Through ShipHero API

Hi! I’m looking to automate emails to customers that are named in orders flagged by Shiphero as fraudulent and/or whose addresses cannot be validated. Please let me know if ShipHero’s API makes this information accessible to me. If so, please direct me to the specific page with the relevant information.

By way of example, I would like to be notified, perhaps via webhook, when a order is flagged, e.g., for fraud or an unverifiable address, and use this notification to automatically trigger an email on my side. I understand that ShipHero cannot email my customers when an order is flagged but I would like to use the ShipHero API to enable me to automate my customers emails. Possible?

Hi @Nikki!
I apologize for the delayed response on this.

We currently don’t have any webhook for this, we do have an email notification at so that if an order comes in with a fraud hold, email this address.
And another one for orders that comes in with a payment hold, email this address

I could make a Feature Request for this if it works for you.
Maybe a Query to filter for orders that have a certain kind of hold (in case a Webhook is not possible to build).

Let me know if that would work for you.
Thanks in advance!

Hey @tomasw ! No worries! It’s unfortunate that ShipHero does not have this capability. It would be helpful if you could detail what your team does to address this process. I believe I may have sent a separate email on this topic with a bunch of questions so I could better understand the process your team goes through. This is key to enable automation. I look forward to reviewing your response to that email when you are ready.
In the meantime, it would be helpful if you could send me an example notification email from ShipHero (and, if available, Shopify).

Hi @Nikki!
Absolutely, let me respond over the ticket and paste you some screenshots.
Thanks again!