Backorder_quantity for POs

On the dashboard, we’re able to see if a PO we received contains SKUs that’re backordered:

But on the API side, I only see backorder_quantity for SOs:

and not for POs:

Am I missing something? Is there a workaround?

Thank you!

Hey @Raj!
In the order object, you can see the line item’s backorder quantity because it is a property of a sales order line item, as each can be allocated or back-ordered, this value represents the backorder quantity within that particular order.
However, purchase orders are for restocking from vendors, for example. Their line items do not have a backorder component. At some point, you could say the quantity ordered in a purchase order is the aggregate of backorders for an item.
Still, the line item object inside purchase orders is connected to products that are connected to warehouse products, and you should be able to retrieve the aggregate back order quantity for a product in each warehouse that way.
Have a nice day!