Changes in product SKU in Shopify changes product SKU in ShipHero. How is that achieved programmatically? Is it the same for other online marketplaces and stores?

Hi, this is related to a topic I posted earlier but since the topic will be closing in 3 days, I needed to repost the latest query from the thread, here.

I understand that there is currently no way to programmatically change the SKU of a product in ShipHero through API, however, we are able to fetch changes of product SKUs in ShipHero through API using the Product ID.

However, changing a product SKU in Shopify seems to change my ShipHero product SKU. How is that achieved by Shopify?

  1. Can we use the same route to update ShipHero product SKUs via API?

  2. If product SKU is changed in ShipHero because of changes to product SKU in Shopify, will such changes be propagated to the rest of connected stores and marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and so on?

  3. Are changes to product SKUs in the rest of the online marketplaces and stores also able to change the product SKU in ShopHero?

  1. The API between ShipHero and Shopify is different than the public API in ShipHero. ShipHero public API is not programmed to allow SKU changes.

  2. We would have to test out the SKU and the store.

  3. I believe we would have to look at individual instances.

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Thanks much Theresa, it is very clear now. :+1:

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