How can I get latest SKU of a product through API?

We are a 3PL that allows clients to manage their inventory on a customized dashboard with data pulled from ShipHero. How can we use the API to pull the latest SKU of a product from ShipHero so that the correct one is always displayed, given that customers may change their SKU of a product on Shopify and that would update the SKU in ShipHero, and we would need to show the latest SLU on our dashboard so that all 3 platforms show the same SKU?

Hi @Edwin,
Referencing this query, the product id will stay the same when the sku changes.

  product(id: "<product id here>"){

Thanks @Theresa. How can we detect if a product SKU has changed in ShipHero? Is there a webhook based on the Product ID or SKU that we can use to detect such changes.

There is not a product change webhook. The following is a current list of webhooks available:

  • Inventory Update
  • Shipment Update
  • Order Canceled
  • Capture Payment
  • PO Update
  • Return Update
  • Tote Complete
  • Order Packed Out
  • Package Added
  • Order Allocated
  • Order Deallocated

There is an overview of the webhooks available here: Webhooks – Developer Resources | ShipHero.

Hi Therea,

If that’s the case how can I propitiate changes to the product’s SKU from ShipHero to our system? Would that mean that I have to keep fetching for the SKU across all my merchants’ products? Wouldn’t that result in hitting the rate limit? Request advice.

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Hi Edwin,
SKU changes are not frequent in my understanding. They should be constant as a general rule. What would be the use case? Am I correct in my assumption that you would like a notification from ShipHero if a SKU was changed in ShopIfy. Thanks in advance!

Hi Theresa! Yes, you are absolutely right. SKU changes are not frequent and should be constant as a general rule.

However, the problem is that whilst it is a general rule, it is not enforced through the various online storefronts and marketplaces. In some platforms, even duplicate SKUs are allowed! Haha. And this is a problem because SKU is (and makes sense to be) the identifier for products for ShipHero API.

Hence, yes, I would like to have a notification (or webhook) if there are changes to SKUs of products in ShipHero, so that I can then trigger a fetch for the latest SKU of a product using its Product ID. This will ensure that my system has the latest ShipHero SKUs to work with.

Additionally, I would like to have a notification (or webhook) if there are changes to SKUs of products in online platforms and the rest of the online platforms. This is so that we can then change the SKU within ShipHero to match the changes in SKUs on those storefronts. So that orders can flow through smoothly.

Lastly, it will be great if we can pull up all SKUs across all platforms and ShipHero for comparison and determination if there are any SKU mismatches that we need to fix.

Hi Edwin,
I put this in for a feature. I will update you here when I get more information!