How can we change SKU of a product to a new SKU?

Hi ShipHero team,

Similar to how updates to a product’s SKU in Shopify is updated in ShipHero, we need to allow updates to a product’s SKU on our frontend to be reflected in ShipHero too. Can you advise how we can achieve that through API?

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Hi Edwin,
There is a mutation to update a product, (product_update) but you would not be able to update the sku because the sku is the required identifier.

Hi @Theresa, thanks. However, SKU changes in Shopify seem to be propagated into ShipHero. How is that achieved?

Communication with Shopify is through the Shopify API connection, it is not the same as the public API. I am double-checking on SKU changes in case there is something I am not seeing.

I verified, there is no way in the public API to change a product SKU.

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Thanks very much Theresa.

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