CreateShipmentInput - Shipped By

How do I set the field displayed as “Shipped By” when calling the “shipment_create” mutation?

Hi @bbarrett ,
Do you mean who packed the shipment? Can you send a request-id with an example?

Theresa - In the website, shipments are displayed in a frame with the title “Shipments”.


In the “Shipments” frame there is a value with the caption “Shipped By:” It will normally display the ShipHero user that activated the shipment. I want to know how to set this value when calling the “shipment_create” mutation.

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Also, how do we control the “Updated Store With Shipment Data”? For dropshipped orders I do not want the Store to be updated when I call “shipment_create”. Is this possible?

I am checking on the details of the Shipped by. That would be the person that packed the order. It may not be available in the API to update

Do you offer any documentation that describe the mutation parameters for your API? I know we can browse the object model. But there is no documentation on the calling the mutations and what the parameters affect.

For example in the CreateShipmentInput we have:

notify_customer_via_shiphero Boolean
notify_customer_via_store Boolean
shipped_off_shiphero Boolean
profile String

What exactly is the effect I should see when setting these parameters?

Hi @bbarrett!

Currently, we don’t have any documentation on those, but this is what they do:

  • notify_customer_via_shiphero: For Manual orders, for example, this should trigger the notification via email.
  • notify_customer_via_store: For orders like Shopify, this should trigger the notify_customer:true to the store
  • shipped_off_shiphero: This means that it was shipped using an external App to ShipHero
  • profile: If the order was shipped a particular Order Profile

Please let us know if that doesn’t help.
Thanks in advance!