Credit system handicapping data warehouse import

Since shiphero does not have built-in data export to export data to our data-warehouse, we wrote our own using the GraphQL API. However, when we ran the scripts, we are running into issues because of the Credit limit imposed by the API. This is super disheartening to us. What do you suggest is the best way to get data out of Shiphero into our data-warehouse like Bigquery ?

Hi @Dawa !
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Have you tried using our Inventory Snapshot? Is this something that might work for you?
That way you won’t be consuming credits to extract Inventory data out of ShipHero

Thanks in advance!

Inventory snashot won’t help because we are also looking to pull all order activity like fulfillment etc

Oh I see, thanks for confirming that @Dawa!
Have you considered using webhooks as well?

Webhooks: Webhooks – Developer Resources | ShipHero

That way you can get shipment data without having to fetch it.
Let me know if that still doesn’t help.
Thanks again!