Getting big datasets from ShipHero?

I am an experienced programmer but new to using ShipHero and its API. Just now considering how my organization is going to feed large data sets from ShipHero to third parties for reporting and synching.

For example a Warehouse transaction report. Is there a built-in report that can be exported into a csv or some structured file that lists each Warehouse transaction? I didnt see one. We need all inventory adjustments in granular detail to synch with the companies we do fulfillment for. Another example is a PO status report.

I can call the GraphQl API to get this data and am doing so successfully. But the rate limit will make it not feasible to expand and collect all the data necessary for our synching and reporting needs in full. We manage fulfillment for 14 companies in ShipHero. Each with 1000’s of skus and hundreds of D2C and B2B orders per day. Some larger accounts we are considering to move into ShipHero have over 200k skus. I often work with datasets for reports that have 100k+ records.

The most practical way I can think of to work within the rate limit is to host a local app server and database where I slowly offload report data in chunks running something with sleeps in loops piecing together the dataset with whatever credit is available each hour. It could take days to gather all the records necessary for a single report. Our owner was hoping with ShipHero we would not need to continue hosting app and database servers to meet our business need :(.

Do others have these problems? What are some of the ways others handle synching lots of granular ShipHero data with other systems. Or, serving reports with several thousand records?