Deleting Purchase Order via API


I Checked there are two methods for Purchase order named: WithPurchaseOrderCancel and WithPurchaseOrderClose

I was looking for a method or API which can delete the purchase order.
Is there any way to delete the purchase order through API

Thanks in advance!

Hi @khungersumit!
Purchase Orders cannot be deleted (not even in the app), but they can be canceled.
We don’t allow Orders or Purchase Orders to be deleted actually, only can be canceled, which will have the same effect, still display on the UI as canceled but will not impact Inventory or Products.
Let me know if this doesn’t answer the question or I could explain better.
Thanks in advance!

Ok Thanks @tomasw , I will check this

Hi @tomasw. We are EU company and based on GDPR Directive have to delete personal data after the end of services. We are not going to delete orders, but the main sensitive personal information should be removed from all Shiphero databases.
The Shiphero support said we can do delete the select data using the API. I have doubt that the information will be deleted permanently without traces. Do you know the best option how to delete it?

Andrei, the only way to delete sensitive information - “shipping_address” - is to delete or overwrite it using the “order_update” mutation.
API provides no other way to delete information.
Unfortunately, unchanged confidential data will remain in history (
@tomasw am I right ?

Hi @Andrei!
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Thank you very much for that great explanation @Artem.z, that is correct :+1:

Thanks @tomasw and @Artem.z,
However, it violates the GDPR requirements. We need to talk with Shiphero about it.
Does anyone know about using encrypted methods in Shiphero? Today the level of security is extremely low.

Absolutely @Andrei!
Contacts us at and we can discuss further.
Thanks again!

Hi @tomasw,
Pls have a look at Ticket 108877


Thanks @Andrei!
We are currently discussing that internally and will provide an update on that ticket asap
Thanks again!