Developer Account

Is it possible to get a developer account or a temporary free trial account?

I need to integrate API & Webhook with an app. Thank you.

Hi Sterling,
Please DM me with the details of the integration (if you are working with a specific customer, please include that) and I can help you get that setup.

I don’t see an option to DM you. Just to reply to this topic.

Can you please DM me so I can reply?

I don’t see an option to DM. Does a setting need to be enabled first?

If you click on my image there should be a “Message” button.

I don’t see an option. Have only one DM from bot, so I assume I can reply to a DM if someone messages me first.

Hi Yosef,

I have the same request and the same issue as Sterling. Can you please send me a message so I can send you the details on our project for which we would need a developer account.


Hi Yosef,
I need the developer access for one of my clients for integrating shiphero with the internal system.

Let me know if you require more details

Hi @yosef I would also like to get access to a developer account to integrate with the API and webhook please


Hi @yosef, my name is Braden Evans and I lead partnerships at Transcend. We’re working on building an integration between Shiphero and Transcend and I was hoping to request dev access to start building. I was looking for a way to DM you within this community but maybe you have to DM first? Feel free to email me at

Thanks so much,

Braden Evans