Fulfillment vs software accounts API access

I’m trying to get more info about pulling my shipping info/cost per order using API access.
I have different accounts on ShipHero Fulfillment and Software, can I pull the data from each?
Which credentials would I need to access the API on each account?
Is it the same API for both account types?

Hello @Danielg!
Welcome to the ShipHero Public-API Community!

I will break down your questions:

  1. Yes, you can pull the data from each, and each will have its credit limits for amounts of calls made.
  2. You can use existing credentials or new ones to acquire API tokens if you want.
    a. For your software account, you can create a Dev user, which does not count towards your paid-for users limit.
    b. For your Fulfillment account, you need to send Name, Last Name and Email on a ticket or mailing Fulfillment support. They will create the user and share back the API token for you to use. This needs to be a non-existing mail.
  3. It is the same endpoint, but some queries/mutations are specific to Fulfillment or Software.
  4. You can also use our webhooks if you want to pull information: Webhooks – Developer Resources | ShipHero

Have a great day!