Does Shiphero support shipping barcode API?

I wonder if Shiphero supports an API to import shipping barcodes from an external source.

We have been creating manual orders in Shiphero for orders coming from some stores such as Qoo10.These stores use other shipping companies, such as Qexpress, that Shiphero does not support. Therefore, we can’t get a right shipping barcode in Shiphero site.

We want to import shipping barcodes for manual orders to Shiphero from an external source, so that we can print right shipping barcode in Shiphero.

Please answer whether Shiphero supports importing shipping barcodes from external sources through API. If you support it, please let us know how to use it.


Hello @cokodive! Welcome to our community! I’m assuming you want to import the shipment information, including the label PDF from another source and associate it with an order. You can do so using the shipment_create mutation.

This URL explains the whole flow: Order Fulfillment – Developer Resources | ShipHero. However, if for example, you don’t need to subtract stock because that is managed on the other platform, you can skip that step.

Have a great day!

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