Error in products updated_at date


I´ve noticed an ‘inconsistency’ in the updated_at date in products. When i add a new tag to the product in shopify, this tag is added to shiphero but it doesn´t affect to the updated_at date of the product. This means that it is not possible to query this update throught the products endpoint in the GraphQL API

Please, can you take a look on this issue?

Thanks in advance!

Hello @Eduardo

Thanks for reaching out.

We will investigate this issue and let you know as soon as we get an update.

Kind regards,

Thanks Tomas!

Also, we have seen that tags are not updated from shopify to shiphero when they are modified. The ‘RETIRAR’ tag was removed yesterday from the product in shopify but still appears in shiphero product.

Is there any problem with the shopify-shiphero sync?

Thanks in advance!

Hey @Eduardo,

Thanks for hanging in there!
I’ve gone ahead and escalated this bug to our Engineering Team.

I’ll let you know when a fix has been rolled out.


Hi Rayan!

Any advance in these issues?

Hey @Eduardo,

Unfortunately, at the moment, I have no updates for this issue. I’ll bump this issue to get some eyes on it, hopefully. I’ll keep you posted as this moves along.

Thank you so much for your continued patience!


Hi Rayan,

We need update on this issue. We are working very regularly on the Shopify Tags and we have to manually review and modify the Tags in Shiphero to be able to work.

We have just opened ticket 50472 in Shiphero to, in parallel, move forward with the massive upload of Tags in Shiphero, since nothing has worked so far.

I await your reply.



Hey @JoaquinGarzon,

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to our Developer Community.

The ticket has made it’s way to the Engineering queue. I’ll give this another bump and relay how important this issue is for your team.

Thank you for your continued patience!