Filter Shipments Based on Where Shipment Was Created (ShipHero vs. External)

Is it possible to query shipments and limit it to only those created via ShipHero and exclude those shipments that were shipped externally?

I’m trying to query for a specific shipment and when limiting the date range to a particular date I’m getting extra results that aren’t shown in the Web UI. In the Web UI I run the shipment report for the specific time period and it shows 11 records. When running the same GraphQL query on those dates, it’s bringing back shipments from our external fulfillment system (which ShipHero is going to replace). If I could add a filter to the query so that the shipments returned were only those created in ShipHero, that would be helpful as they’re the only ones we care about.

Hi @brett
Thanks for the details! I just created a Feature Request for this.
We are working on adding the possibility of setting the shipped_off_shiphero field when creating a shipment through the Public API, that way, if this gets approved we could filter by shipped_off_shiphero:false and get the data you need
I will let you know as soon as I have an update on this.
Thanks again!

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