Generate Label Webhook - Shopify issues

Hey all,

I have recently built out the generate label webhook - everything is working perfectly fine. Generating the labels, and the response is exactly as stated in the docs:

But I am having an issue when multiple boxes are being sent. Shiphero is only telling Shopify that 1 of the X amount of boxes have been sent, and this happens only some of the time. Sometimes it works perfectly.

I feel this is an issue with Shiphero, but I was looking to see if anyone else had encountered this issue and has found a way around it as the support team have left me hanging with no answer for months.



Hello @Charlie, appreciate your patience. That seems to be a bug, can you share an order where this is true?, and if you have a previous ticket with support so I can look into it? Thank you and have a nice day!

Hi Tomas,

Thanks for your reply - you will find my open ticket with the ID #155161.

In here you will find example orders where this has occurred, please let me know if you need any further information from me.

Looking forward to your reply!