GraphQL extracting data - Any ETL tool recommendation or prebuilt adapater

hi there -

I looked at the GraphQL documentation but could not find any API which can help on the data extraction from Shiphero.

We are looking at building reports out of the data from shiphero. Any pointers around rebuild adapter or ETL tool that anyone has used within Shiphero.

We came across Stitchdata but their adapter was built on Rest API and now does not work.


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Hey @dchhajer! Welcome to our API Community! Are you looking for something inside our API or a third-party app/platform that can help you with ETL? Have you looked into something like paired with another service on the other end? If it scales well with your size, you could use Google Docs, for example.
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Hi -

Looked into make. They are not an ETL platform.

We are looking at getting data from shiphero into a data lake and then report out of it.

Most of the graphql explanation has been around events and workflows and not on extracting data out of shiphero

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Hi @dchhajer
There are queries examples and flows that our customers use to extract data, like Inventory-Snapshot – Developer Resources | ShipHero

What is what you are looking to extract precisely?