Shiphero make schema

how to replicate shiphero information somewhere else or make the schema ?


I have built a client in Python, where you could use the schema;

Here te repo: GitHub - outliers-rocks/shiphero-python: Shiphero Python GraphQL client

Hello @Daro!

Is what pipesanma shared what you were looking for?

If that is not the case, what are you exactly trying to accomplish? Could you further explain?

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Dear Tomas,

have the actually a comparable question: Where can I get some documentation on shiphero’s db schema?

As far as I understood, this is what I can query con GraphQL … but without knowing what you are sourcing form, it is mainly guessing …


Hello @SFR0815!
Welcome to the ShipHero Public API Community!

There is no public doc on our DB.

You can find our API’s documentation in Dev Resources

To access our complete schema, you can use a GraphQL client like Altair.

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