GraphQl shipment_create - Tracking number

I am able to create shipment using the shipment_create in graphQL.
My doubt is that if I have to manually assign the “tracking_number” for each shipment or it is supposed to be generated automatically? Assigning a manual tracking number does not work and is not trackable in the UPS or fedex systems.
Thanx in advance

Hi @vikram!
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The tracking number should be available after generating the Label, and it’s provided by the carrier.
If you already have a label and the tracking number then you can send it to ShipHero using the shipments create Mutation.
But you will need to know the tracking number beforehand, we don’t generate it with this mutation or any other, labels have to be created using ShipHero App, but not the Public API.
You could then retrieve the tracking number using a Query or a Webhook

In case it helps there is another post that might also help:

Please let us know if that doesn’t help!
Thanks in advance!