How to Add "TrackingNumber" in Shipment label Manually


We have an option to add TrackingNumber in labels of shipment API.
But I tried to manually fulfilled an order(fufilled using Dashboard 3pl Admin Panel)

but I couldn’t find a way to add “TrackingNumber” information.

Can you please tell me where Can I fill TrackingNumber so that I can receive that same in labels

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @khungersumit!
For generic labels you should be able to edit them from the order detail page, on the generic label box:

Screen Shot 2020-10-02 at 10.10.26

On the Add tracking number link, it should open a modal, and you can set it right there.
I believe that for real carriers, such as UPS FedEx that might not work, as they are the ones that set up the tracking number.

Let me know if that doesn’t help!

Hi @tomasw

I can’t see any trackingNumber link, In the above screenshot how did you use the process?

Can you please elaborate it

Hi @khungersumit!
It should be down that, on the Shipments box (not the shipment info)

but to be able to see that you should create a generic label first (you can ship the order at and then when you see the shipping label you should be able to see the tracking link