Tracking Number for orders imported via GraphQL api

Hi Team,

I’m trying to import orders in CSV format for one of our users on shiphero and we need a tracking number in return after importing, which will be used to track orders via UPS. We are trying to implement this via APIs of GraphQL. While implementing we don’t our current client’s data to be messed up with sample orders we will import via API. So If you can help me with the issues below I’m facing,

  1. How can we get our tracking number back for orders after we import it in CSV format via APIs using create order API. and we need those tracking numbers for UPS?

  2. Another one, Can you let me know if there is any developer portal or dummy portal like sandbox or something, where we can test our APIs which we are building using GraphQL without hampering our client’s data and shipping flow.

I’m hoping to hear from you soon, as we’re in urgent need of help due to our deadline with the client. It would be better if you can elaborate on the process in detail.

Thank You

Hi @darshan
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This will only be available upon shipment creation (not order creation), you could use the SHIPMENT UPDATE webhook for that or you can use the shipments query to get the information. But the tracking number is only available after the label has been created, and that happens after the order gets created, not at the same time.

For this purpose, you could get a test account (it’s a regular account but for testing purposes and with an expiration date of 3 months) that won’t be linked to your customer’s account. Let us know if you would like that art

Let us know if that doesn’t help
Thanks in advance!


Hi @tomasw

Thanks for your warm welcome. Also huge thumbs up for your suggestion on the issue. Helped a lot.