Inventory sync batch is stuck in "pending" status

We were trying to push the inventory levels to Shiphero via GraphQL API and faced with a problem:

The inventory sync process is stuck with the “pending” status and isn’t changing for a few hours already. At the same time it doesn’t allow us to send another batch saying After delivery of a file, that contains the header only with no records

There is a sync already scheduled/being processed for warehouse 10288: {u’status’: 1, u’user_id’: 21397L, u’account_id’: 5518L, u’url’: u’’, u’total_count’: 0, u’created_at’: datetime.datetime(2019, 10, 10, 10, 21, 3, tzinfo=), u’updated_at’: datetime.datetime(2019, 10, 10, 10, 21, 3, tzinfo=), u’warehouse_id’: 10288L, ‘_id’: ‘5d9f060fb212a90001068f96’}

The request that we sent:


Just for your information, the file for the process that is still pending was empty (had a header only and no item rows).

Thanks in advance.

Hi @ihnatk,

My company had something similar happen a couple of weeks ago, but we were using the inventory upload screen rather than the API. The file uploaded and partially processed, and then just sat there in “pending” status for several hours. I sent an email to the ShipHero team but never heard back. My coworker was able to get it to finally go through by using the “retry” button. I mention this not because of the easy fix, but because it sounds like the same issue may affect both the inventory upload screen and the API.