How to add tracking number to an order through operation in web?


Because we have development needs to add tracking number, so will need to be able to add shipment in the order.
I found a long ago post asking how to set up a shipment. (ref: How to Add "TrackingNumber" in Shipment label Manually - #4 by tomasw)

But since it has been a few years, this link seems to be invalid, and I would like to ask how to do it now.

(Because there may be some non-developer testing requirements, so I hope to operate directly through the web without the need to use the API.)

Thank you

Hello, @jiasian! The feature is still available and working in my tests. How long has it been since the order shipped and you attempted to use it?
Have a nice day

Hello @tomasfd

The link URL I see from the previous post is
May I ask what has become of the URL?
I would also like to know how you created the tracking number to the order.

Thank you.

Hello, @jiasian!
I’m not following what you mean by what has become of the link. Could you add some context, please?
I added the tracking number by using the pop-up that shows when pressing the add tracking number hyperlink.
Have a nice day