How to Get Order Tote History

Given an Order how can we use the API to get the Order’s Tote History? As seen in the “Tote History” section listed at the bottom of the Order Details page in the ShipHero dashboard.

I do not see any obvious way to relate an order/lineitem to the ToteHistory. How is the ShipHero dashboard doing this to display tote history in the order details?.

Hello @bbarrett!

Unfortunately, that information is not available on our public API at the moment. You have tote_history query, but it does not align with your requirements.

I can create a feature request on your behalf.

Kind regards,

It might be better to put in a more specific request…

Our company offers a level of service that guarantees orders are shipped within a certain time after becoming allocated. We are trying to measure this after an order gets fulfilled to see if it was serviced “on time” (after becoming allocated). Your native reports will not do this. So I must find a way using the API.

To do this I need 2 points in time:

  1. Qty allocated to LineItem - Date/Time
  2. LineItem Qty Shipped - Date Time

We can get when it was shipped. However there are various scenarios of backorders and partial shipments that make getting the date/time for when a backorder was allocated and became available to ship very difficult (maybe impossible). My initial thought was to inspect the tote’s first history item and assume that date/time is close to when the backorder became allocated. But its not correct. Its just the closest date/time I could find available in your API data structure and we need accuracy to the hour.

Having said this, we need a report that measures the time span between a LineItem Qty getting allocated to when it ships. Essentially the time it takes our warehouse operations to generate a wave, pick, pack, and ship after it becomes allocated. Any warehouse manager would want this data to measure performance and ensure quality of service. Correct?

So, I need to be able to get the date/time of when a backordered lineitem qty became allocated with the API. If you know of a better way to get this please let me know.

Or even better create a standard report that measures the “time to fulfill”. That is, the time between allocation to shipping.