How to get response of PO Update Webhook

I have created a webhook for PO Update with below URL,

Now i need to get the received quantity from shiphero to store in local database table.

but i’m not getting any response from shiphero if i’m running the above URL.

I’m using PHP to do the same.
Please help me how can i get the received qty.

Hi @devrsingh2
Thanks for reaching out!

It looks like when we are sending the webhook we are getting a 405 status code back and an long HTML response.
Any chance the endpoint might not be prepared to receive the request?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @tomasw ,

I have fixed and receiving the response now.

one question i have.

Suppose a PO already received 4 qty from same item(i.e. SKU), if i want to receive 2 more qty from same item(i.e. SKU). then in this case how many items should i receive with the webhook (i.e. should i receive 2 qty or 6 qty)?

please confirm i need to manage it with my PO receiver.

Hi @devrsingh2!
In that case you will see the field as

“quantity_received”: 6

(We send the accumulated received amount)

Thanks again! and please let us know if there is anything else we could help you with