I have registered Webhook, but I am not receiving any response

I have created a webhook for PO Update with below URL,

[https://linksoul.magicforce.io/po-update-webhook ]

but i’m not getting any response from shiphero if i’m running the above URL.

Please help me why I am not receiving any response when I create or update PO.
I’m using PHP to do the same.

Hello @Santhosh!
Welcome to the ShipHero Public API Community!
Could you please share a request_id you are getting with that response with us?
You can get it by adding the field request_id inside query at the same level as data.
This will allow us to find the payload and trace the API call to respond accurately.
Have a good day!

Sure Thanks for the update.

Hello @Santhosh!

Could you please share the account ID this webhook is registered to?

Have a great day!