How to get return Customer_Return_Types via GraphQL API

Hi Team,

We can see ‘Customer_Return_Types’ field on the returns UI page via
The data of ‘Customer_Return_Types’ looks like ‘316864087.Refund316864089.Refund316864091.Refund316864093.Refund’. But we can’t find tracking number field in ReturnEdge node via GraphQL API.

How to get Customer_Return_Types via GraphQL API?


Hi @Jarvis!
Those fields should come from the lint items inside the return. They are a combination of line_item_id+return_type

The query to get both is the following:

query {
  return(id: "<return_id>") {
    data {
      line_items {
        line_item {

However, I see that type is returning null for that return, but could you confirm that on your side?

Thanks in advance!


I see type is null via GraphQL API.

Will the field value be updated to specific return type as your suggestion above?


Thanks for confirming that @Jarvis!
Yes, it should be fixed in order to return the corresponding return type.

We will keep you updated on the progress of the ticket.
Thanks again for the patience and we apologize for the inconvenience!