How to specify third_party_shipper on order_create

We need to be able to create an order via the GraphQL API (order_create mutation), but I’m not seeing a way to specify the third_party_shipper on create. Can this be done via the api? I was assuming I’d be able to pass a OrderThirdPartyShipper structure along with shipping_lines (where I’d specify the carrier), but the former isn’t listed in the docs for CreateOrderInput. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello @randycox

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At the moment, those fields are only part of the order query. You can pull third_party_shipper. However, we still haven’t implemented this for our mutations to pass those details upon order creation (or update).

So for the time being, those values need to be set in the UI.

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Thanks for the quick response, TomasFD. Do you happen to have an estimate on when the third_party_shipper will be implemented for the order_create mutation?