Make Third Party Shipper Number and Zip Available in the API


Our company has wholesale accounts that often use their own UPS and FedEx account.

There is a field in Shiphero for UPS accounts - Third Party Shipper Number, and Third Party Shipper Zip.

For some reason, this is only available on UPS and not FedEx. We have a very cumbersome workaround for FedEx at the moment.

Is there any way you could add those data points to the API (either legacy or GraphQL) so that we can pass that across? We are currently integrating with Salesforce via API so it would make it much better and less error-prone. Right now we are passing the account across in the note and a packer has to update the account manually before sending.

Let us know.


Hi Joel,
We’re going to look into if those fields are available via the GraphQL API - if they aren’t we should be able to add them. It would still only be available for UPS though; as a change to that would be something that needs to be done on the integrations side. That’s not a changed planned at the moment, but I’ll note the feature request.

This was requested over a year ago now. When do you plan to add third party shipper information (account_number, zip, country) to the CreateOrderInput API? I see that it was added to the OrderQueryResult but that does not help to create the order.

Great question - i also need this to finalize the forced migration over to GraphQL from the discontinuation of the REST endpoint. - literally we are posting orders across with custom third party shipper number and zip, so if this isn’t a feature the new GraphQL option will literally break our entire integration. Please let us know.

Hi @joeldmyers @albrana
I apologize for the delayed response & update about this.
@joeldmyers do you happen to have an example of the fields you are using for this with out Rest API?
Thanks again!

Hi, so this is to fulfill our wholesale orders coming from Salesforce. Wholesale accounts often use their own UPS and FedEx account.

After looking at the code, I remembered that we weren’t actually able to pass the third party shipper number and third party shipper zip across - we have been passing it across to the “note” attribute and the pickers/packers have had to catch it and update to the correct account.

This is really sub-optimal, as I am sure it is leading to times when warehouse personnel don’t catch that they need to update the shipper account.

It’s also frustrating that for some reason FedEx seems to work differently (i.e., much worse) than UPS as far as custom accounts - I can’t remember if that has been fixed.

Anyway, if you all were able to expose the Third Party Shipper Number and Third Party Shipper Zip it would be super helpful.

Screenshot of the two fields in Shiphero attached for reference.

Thanks for clarifying that @joeldmyers
I will engage our leaders to get a quick resolution about this and will update the thread asap.
Thanks again for the patience and I apologize for the delayed response