I don't get the tracking ID in my payload now

Hi @Gauravtyagi!
if the URL contains sensitive data you can email the details to support@shiphero.com
Otherwise post here the Method name and the Tracking URL you would like the Method to have and I will make the change for you.
Thanks again!

Hi @tomasw
Method Name: Australian Dangerous Good
Tracking URL should like : https://www.dhl.com/us-en/home/tracking.html?tracking-id=XXXXXXXXX

Hi @Gauravtyagi!
It is currently set to be https://www.dhl.com/us-en/home/tracking.html?tracking-id= in order to add the tracking number to that URL at the end.
Is it not working for you?
Thanks again!

Is it possible to add the tacking ID dynamically for that order. IF yes then please do it
Thanks again !

Hi @Gauravtyagi!
You need it to be mapped for an already existing order?

So how it currently works is that once we receive the webhook back with the info:

  "code": "200",
  "shipping_method": "Ground",
  "tracking_number": "1adddsad11",
  "cost": "5.55",
  "label": "s3.amazonaws.com/myimages/65259502/thermaltmpyjYG5K.png",
  "customs_info": "",
  "shipping_carrier": "ups"

We take the tracking number sent and with the tracking URL set it on the UI as:


Thanks again!

Ok, Fine.
I have another query


We have setup a webhook in shiphero which is run when inventory is updated. But sometime this webhook stops running and we don’t proceed further. So we don’t get any log why this webhook stops working. So can you let us know how can we find error logs for this webhook why it stops, I know you have all error log of files. But we also need to logs. Because We fails if not getting the payload.
Please let me know this.

Hi @Gauravtyagi!
Unfortunately, we don’t have a way of exposing those logs, as they are for internal use when debugging and cannot be displayed.
As for the webhooks, they should stop running, but if they do, please provide information on the inventory update that did not go through and we could open an investigation about it.

Although it is not often, it is possible for a webhook not to fire, and that is why your app should not rely just on receiving data from our webhooks.
The webhook delivery is not always guaranteed, so we strongly suggest implementing reconciliation jobs to periodically fetch data from ShipHero.
Our most important Queries have both the created_at and updated_at filter parameters., which will allow you to build a job that fetches all resources that have been created or updated since the last time the job ran.
Thanks again!